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Engine Carbon Cleaning Service in Delhi NCR | Engine Carbon Cleaning Service

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Car Carbon Cleaning service in Delhi-NCR

A modern and well-maintained car is capable of providing you with great mileage without any attention. However, as the car gets older, you may notice a significant drop in performance. In that case, car carbon cleaning is a great way to recover the lost performance of your car.

Why You Need Car Carbon Cleaning?

Since, diesel and petrol produce power by burning fuel, they emit sooty exhaust gases. Even though the emission control devices and diesel particulate filters reduce the number of gases emitted in the air, the exhaust gases are still deposited in the exhaust system and engine of your car.

Before the modern fuel and oil technology came out, cars required to be decarbonized every couple of thousand miles. Fortunately, modern cars don’t need to deal with it. However, you’d still need to get an engine decarbonizing service done for your car, especially if it has an advanced emission control mechanism.

Usually, petrol cars are safe from carbonizing because fuel cleans the components of your vehicle as it passes through. However, a lot of modern vehicles use gasoline direct injection to improve the efficiency of the engine. Due to this, the petrol is passed directly to the combustion chamber and doesn’t pass through the parts of your vehicle and carbonization takes place.

Talking about diesel engines, they are more prone to clogging because the fuel doesn’t burn cleanly. In diesel engines, the exhaust gases are passed back to the combustion chamber for another round of burning. Due to this movement, the fumes are deposited on parts of your vehicle over time. Furthermore, after passing through the engine, fumes also need to deal with catalysts and filters. This results in even more carbon deposits and clogging.

If the carbon deposits are not cleaned, they can affect the performance and efficiency of your engine. Moreover, it also affects you in the long term by shortening the lifecycle of the components of your car. It can also put a heavy burden on your budget by decreasing the fuel economy of your car. If you are searching for “engine carbon cleaning services in Delhi NCR”, you’re at the right place. At Decaabo, we make your car efficient and better at highly genuine prices.

How Does Car Carbon Cleaning Work?

We have the best engine carbon cleaning machine that uses the HHO technology to solve your problems. This technology uses electrolysis to split the molecules od water in composite molecules of hydrogen and oxygen to produce HHO (oxyhydrogen) gas. The process takes place by setting up the machine as per the size of your engine. Then, the HHO is transmitted to your car’s engine through the air intake valve of your car. This allows the air and fuel to mix in the combustion chamber of your engine.

Inside the engine cylinders, the HHO combusts when the mixture ignites. It is combusted at a higher temperature than that of fuel. For 30 minutes, the carbon deposits are effectively atomized when the engine is kept idle.

Lastly, the reaction produces the final product known as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon gas. We expel these harmful gases safely out of the exhaust valve using DPF and tailpipe. The revolutionary carbon cleaning machines have made the process more ecological and efficient. Once the process is completed, you can feel a noticeable difference in your car. Moreover, if you need a statistical analysis of the performance, you can get a diagnostic and emission test done before and after the carbon cleaning service.

We’d highly suggest you get this service every two years to ensure the proper efficiency and performance of your engine. Moreover, if you have any queries or concerns, feel free to get in touch with us.


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